Years of Iterations

1. Construction


Hours of R&D





Our Mission

Racing Gaming Chairs brought a new aesthetic but lacked comfort.
Traditional Office Chairs had better ergonomics, but truly fell behind in design and longevity.

We imagined chairs that would transcend these barriers, pairing avant-garde design with innovative technology, superior ergonomics with top-tier materials.

Quersus Intracostal™ Backrest

✓ Resists to heavy loads
✓ Joint-free, ribbed intracostal construction for enduring form
✓ Premium materials ensure unbreakable strength

Quersus Coldcure™ Foam

✓ Optimal flex-firm balance
✓ Everlasting shape due to strategic air pockets
✓ Highly resistant foam : 55kg/m3 density

Countless Positioning Possibilities

2. Ergonomics

The secret of a good chair is that it must be adjustable in so many different ways.

Dr. A. Hedge, Professor of Ergonomics at Cornell University

Adjust Everything, Feel Reborn.

Adjustable Backrest

Reduce spine and lower back tension.

Adjustable Headrest

Reduce tension on the neck.

Adjustable Seat (2D)

Optimize the curvature of the back.

Adjustable Armrests (4D)

Reduce tension on the shoulders.

A Chair Full of Technology

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Product : Quersus ICOS

4D Armrest

✓ Adjustable in 4 directions
✓ Soft touch for elbows comfort
✓ Reduces tension on the shoulders

Restflow™ Adjustable Headrest

✓ Multi-level height adjustment
✓ Soft for maximum cead Comfort
✓ Reduces neck tension

Ergocurve Backrest™

✓ Shaped to fit the ideal back curvature
✓ Perfect lumbar support
✓ Resists to heavy loads

Antishock System™

✓ Dynamic backrest : follows your back movements
✓ Increases mobility
✓ Reduces fatigue

Intracostal™ Backrest

✓ Resists to heavy loads
✓ Joint-free, ribbed intracostal construction for enduring form
✓ Premium materials ensure unbreakable strength

QFortis™ Casters

✓ Super light and strong aluminium base
✓ Smooth running for increased mobility
✓ Exceptional stability

Adjustable Seat

✓ Adjustable in height and depth
✓ Provides optimal back curvature
✓ Enhances blood circulation in the legs

Maximus Synchro Mechanism™

✓ Promotes healthier spine alignment
✓ Smooth synchronized movement
✓ Optimal posture support for any seating position

Backrest Support Adjustment

✓ Adjust the pressure of the Antishock System
✓ Get the perfect intensity of support based on your morphology
✓ Enjoy optimal back mobility

Improved Circulation in Legs

Standard chair seats often lead to numbness by impeding leg circulation. Our chair is different.

✓ Specially contoured seat to prevent circulation cutoff
✓ No more numbness, just lasting comfort
✓ Adjustable seat depth for an even more perfect fit

Tension-Free Neck & Shoulders

Many chairs either lack a headrest or are equipped with subpar cushions that constantly slip off.

✓ Introducing our innovative RESTFLOW™ Headrest
✓ Dependably integrated, no more slipping off
✓ Height-adjustable for superior comfort

Relief-Rich Forearms & Elbows

Ordinary chair armrests always fall short. We've corrected that.

✓ Soft touch to alleviate tension in the forearms and elbows
✓ Adjust in four directions, seamlessly
✓ Generously sized for superior support

Your Next Decade's Daily Companion

3. Durability

Our Upholsteries

Diverse. Durable. Globally Exclusive.

Sourced from Italy and a selection of top suppliers worldwide.

The Best Materials on the Market

There's nothing more frustrating than cracking upholstery that simply isn't up to par.

After a long process of sourcing and testing, we're able to produce chairs that stand the test of time.

PU by RacingBrandX

UHL PU by Quersus


Meeting the Highest Standards

4. Testing & Certifications

Tested and Certified by


TÜV is the world's most renowned product testing laboratory.
This test certifies the product meets specific safety, reliability and quality standards.

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Massively Approved

5. Testimonials

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